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Sahodaya school Complex, Pune


How can a school register to become a member of Pune Sahodaya?

Is there any requirement to be a part of Pune Sahodaya?

Will the school automatically become a member after submitting the registration form?

What are the advantages of joining Pune Sahodaya?

Sahodaya  School  Complex, Pune

Rules & by laws,

Name of the Society :
Sahodaya School Complex, Pune

Address of the Society :
No. 136 , Off University road Behind E- Square Theatre Near Vijay Housing Society,
Ashoknagar Pune 

Area of Operation : India

Membership All CBSE Affiliated Schools in and around Pune. The  Principal of  the School shall  be the member of her/his respective school and represent at the Sahodaya School Complex, Pune  and in the absence of the Principal, the Vice  Principal or equivalent shall represent the school

General Body – Should meet at least once in 3 months for estimating  the progress of the society, which shall be measured through the various activities taken up/to be taken up.

However at all times the decision of the  governing body shall be final and binding upon all.

Duties & functions

1)  To control the management affairs, dealings The Governing Body and working of the society and management of the Society in furtherance to the aims and  objects of the society.

2) To pass the budget estimate.

3) To pass the accounts of the previous year.

4) To take elections and/ or nominations of the executive committee after a period of 24

5) In case any office bearer needs to move out, than the member Principal by order of the sequence shall take care of the portfolio till the end of the tenure of the Governing Body.

6) To change the Rules and By-laws & rules of the society as and when required with consensus of the governing body.

7) Any other item as allowed by the chairman in furtherance to the aims & objects of the society.


The no. of members of the Executive Committee Executive Committee shall not be less than 11 members & more than 15 , which shall consist of:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Jt Secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. Jt Treasurer
  7. Member 1
  8. Member 2
  9. Member 3
  10. Member 4
  11. Member 5

The number of Executive Committee members need to be an odd number to facilitate the Veto. The posts in the executive committee / General body shall be selected by and between themselves.

The members of the executive committee shall hold the post for minimum  2 years.

Income of the: Membership fees, subscription as decided by the Society Governing body.

Bank Account: An account in a local bank will be opened in the Name of Sahodaya School Complex and will be operated jointly by any two office bearers the account will be audited annually and details circulated to all the members.

Financial Year: The financial year of the Society will be from 1st April to 31st March.

Change in Rules: The present Rules & by-laws may be changed or By-laws modified in the governing body meeting having two  third majority  with the permission.

Closing of the Society: The closing of the Society if three fourth of the majority of the governing body members so decide in the meeting. However, the office bearers have to complete all accounts and transfer the balance to the Sahodaya Committee.

Objectives: To facilitate synergy of ideas among the schools Society of  CBSE  family  aimed  at  excellence  in education. 

A Sahodaya School Complex is a group of neighborhood Schools voluntarily coming together to share innovative practices in all aspects of school education including curriculum design, evaluation and pedagogy while providing support services for teachers and students.

  • To introduce the relevance of co-operative learning &  collaborative networking.
  • To conduct Orientation programmes, seminars and workshops for Teachers/ Students/Principals on various themes.
  • To conduct joint programmes for home  examination, sports and cultural activities,inter school activities etc.
  • To have discussion on implementation of circulars and guidelines issued by the board from time to time.
  • To take up community development projects on adolescence education programme, Road Safety consumer awareness, peace education.

Rules to be part of Sahodaya:

  1. To pay the Registration fees to the Complex.
  2. To be represented by Competent authority in the meetings at least for two thirds of the times in the General Body Meeting when called for Sahodaya School.
  3. To pay the annual subscription charges to the Complex.
  4. To participate and contribute towards the Activities initiated by Sahodaya School Complex, Pune